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About the Venue

About the Venue

Crybaby is a music venue set in Uptown, one of the busiest and most popular areas of Oakland.  Previously known as the Uptown Nightclub, Crybaby will encompass the same underground roots, but create a more open free format and curation. Alongside a carefully crafted design, Crybaby will also be equipped with a brand new state of the art D&B Audiotechnik sound system that will blow away our audience on the dance floor and effectively handle both live bands and electronic/dj acts alike, as well as a cozy mezzanine and patio spaces (allowing for smoking). 

Located on Telegraph Avenue, across the street from the historic Fox Theater, Crybaby is easily accessible to the busiest area for nightlife and entertainment in Oakland. Booking genres across the board as well as opening the venue to local booking powerhouses, international brands and full service event planners, Crybaby alongside its sister venue Ceremony, will be coming with a unique aesthetic and brand, rare to the city and music industry.

Crybaby will be creating an all-inclusive, elevated space, full of diversity in both talent and patrons, with no frills and world class sound by a team well known and documented for it. 

Tech specs

D&B Main/Monitor PA
(2) 24S-D stereo mains
(4) B6-SUB – mono subs (under stage)
(2) 10S – delays
(4) M4 – monitor mix 1-4 and/or DJ monitors
(2) B6-SUB monitors
(2) 10S – Bar Zone
(1)) D&B 8S – Entry
(1) D&B 8S – Bar Mezzanine
(4) JBL Control 25AB – Patio
(2) 30D amplifier
(2) 10D amplifier
Miscellaneous powered wedges and powered speakers

(1) Behringer X32 Compact (FOH and monitors)
(1) S32 i/o (on stage)

(1) Behringer 32×16 X32 stage box
(2) Shure QLXD wireless handhelds with SM58 capsule
(1) AKG D112
(2) Audix
(3) Sennheiser e604
(7) Shure SM57
(8) Shure SM58
Various Mic Cables/Stands/Clips/sub snakes/active and passive DI Boxes
Various power quad boxes

DJ Booth
(4) Pioneer CDJ-3000
(1) Pioneer DJM900NXS2
(1) A&H Xone 92
(2) Technics SL-1200MK2
(1) Rane SL3 Serato Interface
(2) 2′ x 6′ x 42″ stage deck as DJ tabletop
Various laptop and CDJ stands
Various Ethernet switches, USB hubs, and color coded cables

(1) Central Mirror Ball with (4) RGB Pinspots
(4) Generic Moving Head RGB Wash (upstage truss)
(6) Generic RGB Par (upstage truss)
(6) Generic RGB Par (lighting tree above downstage edge, 3 pars per side)
(4) Generic RGB Par (downstage truss)
(1) ChamSys MagicQ PC Wing Compact (software on House PC)
(1) Chauvet Professional AMHAZE Stadium

(2) DLP Projector with HDMI input
(2) Manual Pull Down Screen
(1) Panasonic HDC TM700 camcorder
(2) 60″ Samsung TV (at bar)