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Top2Bottom w/ DJ Assault: Queer forward ghetto tech, booty bass, & club hits
Sun Mar 10, 2024
9:00 pm |


$10.00 - $30.00

Additional Info
Don’t miss out on the grand launch of Top2Bottom, the ultimate queer party at Crybaby! This inclusive and safe space is open to all queer individuals and lovers of the queer community. Enjoy a night filled with sexy allure, playful fun, and high-energy dance. 

Featuring DJ Assault - 
Get ready to experience the legendary DJ Assault, a true pioneer and icon in the realms of ghetto tech and booty bass. With a career spanning decades, DJ Assault has shaped the sound of these genres, delivering infectious beats that have become anthems on dance floors worldwide.
Supporting Artists:

DREAMS, aka Mar Mendoza, is a musician and music producer, as well as a co-founder of El Afters, a queer Latin music and party collective based in Oakland, California. Their sound combines elements of reggaeton, dembow, vogue, and club music.

Del - 
Born and bred in the heart of New York City, Del is an exceptional turntablist renowned for remarkable blends and dynamic selections. Known for her technical prowess and love for pushing the envelope, Del made waves by incorporating four decks into her sets. Her performances, seamlessly weaving hip-hop, Drum & Bass, and Happy Hardcore, leave audiences in awe of her unparalleled skills. 

Bar Proceeds for a Cause:
A percentage of the bar will be donated to the Oakland LGBTQ Community Center, supporting our local queer community 😊

In embracing diversity, we enforce a zero-tolerance policy against homophobia, transphobia, sexism, racism, and any form of discrimination. Top2Bottom is dedicated to fostering an atmosphere of respect, love, and acceptance for everyone who graces our dance floor.