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JAMMIES with RCADE, ANDYOOWOPS, ESENTRIK (rap / hiphop / club)
Sat Feb 17, 2024
10:00 pm |


$0.00 - $50.00

Additional Info
All Jammies, No Whammies, an all-out musical foray of absurd proportions where world class DJs grab the wheel and drive you up the the steepest mountain, only to drop you off a cliff into a fiery pit of pure sonic destruction. Nothing but back to back bangers and party anthems that will have you singing and dancing ‘til you cry. Genre boundaries? Hell no! Everyone’s got their something, and we’ve got it all.

A safe place for party people with adventurous taste in music. Anything and everything goes, and the timing is always right and exact. Choice selections from choice selectors, with an emphasis on execution. Bangers on bangers, with an edge of cleverness. Heater after heater, with intention. All kill, no frill.

Genres: Club, Hip hop, R&B, House, EDM, Alternative, Bass, Remixes & more!