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Crybaby + 15Utah + DJ Umami Present

Friday, I'm in Love: Esentrik + DJ Umami & Climaxxx
Fri Jun 9, 2023
9:00 pm | Doors: 9:00 pm


$0.00 - $25.00

Additional Info
"It was great seeing you last April. I can’t believe we’ve let so much time pass before running into each other again. I know I’m not the best at staying in touch, but I’m trying to be respectful since things have changed. Plus, last time I was so turnt off the Bacardi that I didn’t want things to get weird.

Friday Im in Love has got another party going on 6/9. Apparently, Esentrik is coming in. Remember that Wetter remix he did of Cuff It that change that song for us? I think that’s when we made it to third base. 

Last month, I didn’t expect Adrian Marcell to come through and sing Pretty Brown Eyes. I saw you looking at me when he did. I wish things weren’t so complicated, or I would have… you know what, nevermind.

Maybe things will be different this time. Meet you there?"